Here are some frequently asked questions about the Job Centre Number.

Do I have to go into my local Job Centre to search for employment?

No, the Job Centre also has an online service, Universal Jobmatch, where you can search and apply for jobs.

How do I claim Job Seekers allowance?

You can claim Job Seekers allowance online or over the phone, but you will have to go to your local branch for an interview to discuss your options.

How can I apply for apprenticeships?

You can apply for apprenticeships online by creating a profile and searching for vacancies. You must be over 16 and not in full time education.

What checks can employers make on applicants?

An employer is within their rights to check that new employees have a right to work in the UK, whether they have a criminal record (particularly in childcare or healthcare roles) and health checks (for example, eye tests for commercial vehicle drivers).

How can I get hold of a Job centre plus application form?

This form can be downloaded from the website or obtained at your local job centre.